Krui beach, West Lampung

Krui is a place located in West Lampung. I have several times gone into Krui for vacation.To go there I spent about 7 hours from Bandar Lampung (Capital of Lampung, Indonesia).

There, I settle in my Friend’s House, his name is Titan Prabow. I visited many pleace when I was right there. They are : Pisang Island, Mahnai Beach, Laai Beach, Labuhan jukung.

If we go there, we will see the sun set, change the see to red. Then We will diving the see the coral still natural. People right there love their place. They also polite to tourist and everyone.
No traffic jam, no thieves, and no anarchist. Krui is a best place that I ever visited

Every tourist settle in cottage. It only spend about Rp. 200.000 for a night.



i photo shop

My name is Nicko Fernando Salasa, I am a photo editor, i use “i photoshop” since 7 years ago, and being professional since 2 years ago. I choose “i photoshop” as my first post because it seems familiar in google index. Hehehe.. But I promise you, I will give ALL my skill to my visitors. ^^

this is my portofolio of photoshop